Labor law

With the growth of the citizens’ legal culture, employees tend to increasingly protect their interests in negotiations with the employer and... in court room. Labor disputes have recently boosted due to the economic downturn that had lead to massive firings and revisions of employment contracts. On the other hand, the employees in many cases use labor disputes as a tool for unjustified personal enrichment while existing labor legislation is biased towards protecting the rights of the personnel.

Kamenskaya & Partners Law Firm has been using up-to-date legal mechanisms to minimize Client risks arising from labor disputes and efficiently prevents unfavorable consequences thereof.

K&PLF offerings include:

- personnel management audit
- development of employment documentation templates
- monitoring significant labor issues, including lock-outs
- legal execution of personnel motivation and top-management bonus programs
- client representation in courts with regard to labor law issues
- trade union communications
- consulting on migration legislation and expatriate employment